Open & Closed Loop Projects

Heritage of Fort Wayne
  Heritage of Fort Wayne is an all-geothermal retirement development which ...
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Sherman Hospital
Sherman Hospital, Elgin IL
  Sherman Hospital's 645,000 square foot, 255-bed facility features a ...
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Pettisville K-12 School
Pettisville K-12 School, Pettisville OH
  The new K-12 school recently built in Pettisville, Ohio features an ...
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South Bend Airport
South Bend Airport, South Bend IN
  This system features the complete demolition of the existing HVAC system ...
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Great River Energy
Great River Energy, Minneapolis, MN
This 3-story office building in Minneapolis is the second of three lake ...
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River Crossing & Keystone Crossing
River Crossing I, II, III & IV at Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN
  River Crossing encompasses four major building projects, and features ...
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